Fairview Fire



Fairview Fire



Fairview Fire



Fairview Fire



Fairview Fire



Fairview Fire




Experienced Wildfire Attorneys Committed to Individualized Attention to Maximize Your Recovery

If there is no recovery, then there are never any fees or costs to you.

We are a team of experienced lawyers that pursue recovery on behalf of fire victims harmed by wildfires caused by major corporations and utility companies. We are currently representing victims of the 2022 Fairview Fire against Southern California Edison Company (“SCE”).

Our preliminary investigation shows that SCE may be responsible for causing the Fairview Fire. SCE filed a report with the California Public Utilities Commission reporting “circuit activity” close to the time and location where the fire started, and some of SCE’s electrical equipment has been removed and seized for further investigation. These reports are often strong evidence of causation in wildfire cases.

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If there is no recovery, then there are never any fees or costs to you.

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If you have been affected by the Fairview Fire, call (530) 358-8810 or email fire@ertriallawyers.com today for a free consultation to learn what we can recover for you.

Who Is Eligible to Recover

  • Property Owners
  • Renters
  • Businesses
  • Homeowner/Road Associations
  • Public entities
  • Insured or Uninsured

What We Can Recover For You

Whether insured or uninsured, you will likely find that you will not be fully reimbursed for:

  • Total costs to rebuild
  • Damage to trees, vegetation and crops
  • Erosion damage
  • Evacuation Expenses
  • Personal property damage
  • Smoke and ash damage
  • Emotional injuries
  • Loss of Animal Life
  • Bodily Injury
  • Lost wages and income loss
  • Death

We work hard with experienced experts in reconstruction and rebuilding costs, tree valuation, personal property valuation, economic income losses, among others to make sure you are reimbursed for the total value of your compensable damages.

Many fire victims find themselves without insurance to cover losses from a wildfire. Minimal governmental assistance will not come close to covering what you need to rebuild and regain your life before the fire took it away.

Even if you have insurance, you will almost certainly be underinsured for certain losses or your insurance company may deny the full value you are entitled to recover. Insurance companies tend to undervalue property, wrongfully deny claims, delay compensation, and more. We are here to fill in those gaps and ensure that the party responsible for causing the fire pays the difference.

Insurance companies also do not provide reimbursement for the emotional losses you suffered, including the intense fear of being within the Zone of Danger or the Annoyance and Discomfort you have experienced from being displaced from your home. Indeed, in some cases these emotional losses represent some of the most important areas of damage we will seek recovery for. We are dedicated to ensuring that those responsible for causing the fire fully compensate you for the losses that you suffered.

List of Representative Fire Cases

Our attorneys have obtained hundreds of millions of dollars in recoveries for fire victims harmed by the major wildfires across the State since 2015 caused by large corporations or utility companies.

  • 2015 Butte Fire against PG&E (Butte County)
  • 2017 Tubbs Fire against PG&E (Sonoma County)
  • 2017 Redwood Valley Fire against PG&E (Mendocino County)
  • 2017 Sulphur Fire against PG&E (Lake County)
  • 2017/2018 Thomas Fire & Mudslides against SCE (Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties)
  • 2018 Woolsey Fire against SCE (Ventura and Los Angeles Counties)
  • 2018 Camp Fire against PG&E (Butte County)
  • 2022 McKinney Fire against PacifiCorp (Siskiyou County)
  • 2022 Mill Fire against Roseburg Forest Products Co. (Siskiyou County)
  • 2022 Mosquito Fire against PG&E (El Dorado and Placer Counties)
  • 2022 Hermit’s Peak/Calf Canyon Fire (New Mexico)