$29,500,000 Wrongful Death of Cyclist
$14,700,000 – Wildfire – Individual Client
$6,100,000 Motorcycle v. Hole Created By City Of Los Angeles
$5,000,000 Auto v. Truck / Traumatic Brain Injury
$4,000,000 Forklift Failure At Construction Site/Wrongful Death
$3,300,000 Auto v. Bicycle
$3,000,000 Truck v. Auto
$610,000 Bicycle v. Dangerous Condition of Roadway
$2,9000,000 Truck v. Truck
$2,860,000 Auto v. Motorcycle
$675,000 Truck v. Pedestrian
$1,250,000 Auto v. Auto
$1,000,000 Car v. Motorcycle
$1,100,000 Car v. Bicycle
$1,300,000 Slip and Fall
$6,000,000 Auto v. Truck
$750,000 Limo v. Bicycle
$1,200,000 Underinsured Motorist UM/UIM Settlement
$962,000 Birth Injury Case
$1,000,000 Exercise Equipment Failure
$1,100,000 Heavy Equipment Operator Burned After Gas line Explosion
$700,000 Sexual Abuse By School Employee
$500,000 Unlicensed Contractor Fall From Ladder Breaks Leg
$1,000,000 Fall From Scaffolding Causes Worker To Suffer Traumatic Brain Injury
$1,950,000 Truck v. Truck
$1,100,000 Fire Caused By Defective Copier
$537,000 Underinsured Motorist UM/UIM Award
$1,825,000 Auto v. Auto
$700,000 Product Liability Case v. Auto Manufacturer
$1,000,000 – Burn Injury/Work Place Accident
$3,000,000 – Wrongful Death – Auto v. Truck
$1,000,000 – Work Site Accident
$1,250,000 (Policy Limits) – Stievenhart v. Chen – Auto v. Cyclist
$1,250,000 (Policy Limits) – Auto v. Auto

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